Saturday, June 9, 2012

40 Weeks Come & Go

So my last post, 7 weeks ago, I was still with child...39 weeks along.
By that time, SURELY I thought Emerson would have been here by now.
I always thought that she would come early.
Boy was I wrong.

39 weeks came and went. Saturday, April 28, 2012 DUE DATE...40 weeks! The day I have been anxiously waiting for since August 2011.
No dilation, no progression whatsoever. And no sign of anything happening anytime soon. Seriously?
Doesn't she know that I have a plan? I'd like certain things to happen and at certain times. hahahaha
Yeah right! Every. single. plan. that I had...did not happen! So if you have a "plan," well, get over it.

So Monday, April 30, 2012 around 12:30pm I went for my 40 week check up at Greenwood OBGYN. They hooked me up to the monitor, got my vitals, checked me, and then decided to send me to Self to get an ultrasound to check my fluids. ( I guess their ultrasound tech was booked)
Before I went to Self, I spoke with one of the nurses, who is also the mother of a close friend. Can I just say that she has been NOTHING but wonderful throughout this entire pregnancy. Thank you Wanda Witt!! You mean more to me than you can imagine!
She knows how I am...I want the truth, no beating around the bush, lay it out straight for me.
She said that I had not progressed, I was not favorable for induction. If I were to be induced, more than likely I would labor for HOURS, wear myself out and have to have a C-section in the end....more than likely. I did not want to put strain on the baby, I wanted a certain doctor or two, so I decided that I would plan for a C-section.

So that was it, she scheduled me for a C-section the next morning with Dr. Forrest. Emerson would be a May baby! May 1, 2012 would be her birth date. Thank you Jesus for giving us a plan!

When I left, I went by Self to get my ultrasound. Danny left and picked up Wells to spend some time with him and go to his ball game that evening since we knew we'd be in the hospital for the next few days.

Then they tell me, if your fluid level is low, we may want to admit you to watch you and the baby over night, then do the section in the morning.
Oookay. Plans have changed a little.
That was fine with me, as long as I could go home for an hour or two to get my (already packed) bags and to get my mind right.
My level was a 3. Wow. VERY low!
I call Danny..."They want to admit me now! But you go on and go to Wells's game, Mama will come stay with me until it's over."
Plan happening.

I get picked up from the radiology waiting room by the employees that take you anywhere you need to go and she asks me "Do you need a wheelchair?" "Heck no woman, I feel fine!"
She takes me to my room where a nurse meets me and starts getting all of my info.
This was 6:00pm by the way.

Then the nurse tells me that Dr. Beaudrot was going to come in and talk to me. He did.
He asked me if I would like for him to do it tonight. TONIGHT??? Wait. Tonight??
So my mind started going 10000000000x a second.
  • I knew he was my 1st choice of doctors.
  • Danny was NOT here...he was in Ninety Six with Wells.
  • Wait, NO one was here with me, I was all by myself.
  • Danny would miss Wells's ball game and that's not right.
So then I asked, "Like what time are you talking about??"
I knew it was a little after 6pm and I knew he had been on shift since that morning and he was getting off at 7pm.

"Like, in an hour...," he said.

AN HOUR? Like ONE hour? Like 60 minutes? Holy moly!!
Obviously this was not a choice I should make alone.

So then I starting thinking again, and texting.

I asked him to give me a minute and I'd let him know.
If I were to wait until the morning, my fluid levels could drop in the middle of the night. No one from my doctor's office would be there, my family would not be was just too risky.
So I made a decision.

Yes, let's do it tonight, in "like an hour".

Almost immediately, the anesthesia people came in and started telling me stuff, the nurses came in and started hooking me up to IVs, I started signing paper work, all while I'm texting Danny telling him....GET HERE NOW!!! So he FLEW from our house in Ninety Six all the way to Greenwood to Wells's grandma's house, back to the hospital to get there in time.

Oh, and apparently I was having contractions and didn't even know it! We were watching it on the screen...the nurse said, "Oh you feel that one? That's a big one." Nope, nothing.

In the mean time, Danny's mama comes flying in the room in a complete panic! She had ran from the car to my hospital room. Then came my Mama, Daddy, Abby, Mominy, Jackson, Breann, Holly, the preacher (in no particular order)....and then came Danny. The last one to arrive, bless his heart.
His nerves were SHOT!
He jumped into is scrubs and off we went.

Just like that. I was a nervous wreck. My nerves were DONE, I was scared to death, I hate anesthesia (and I was getting a spinal tap).
It all happened so fast, I cannot even explain all of my emotions.

Then came the spinal tap. Horrible. The prick wasn't that bad, but the numbness was very scary. It was hard to breathe, my legs were tingling, and they were minutes away from cutting me open.

ALL of that and the thought of meeting our little girl in just minutes.
The most overwhelming thing I have ever gone through.

7:15PM, She was here.

Welcome to the world sweet baby:)

 Weighing in at 7lbs 5 oz (7 4.7), 19 1/4 inch, happy, screaming, healthy baby girl!
Thank you Lord.

There is more to come of this story, as I am 6 weeks behind!
You can find more pictures on the Facebook album. 

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