Friday, December 12, 2014

Jangle Gets Crazier

Our elf, Jangle, has certainly been a nut! We, yes we, are having so much fun with him!
Here's what he's been up to lately...
Day Seven:
Jangle loves his friends! He's become quite popular in the house. Can you find him?
Day Eight:
Jangle got a little silly string happy in the bathroom!


Day Nine:

All this mischief has worn this poor elf out! He needed a nap.


Day Ten:
Jangle overheard us talking about going to the Greenwood Christmas Parade on Sunday.
He was so excited, he decided to make his own parade!


Day Eleven:
We caught Jangle eating popcorn in Wells's bed and watching a movie!

Day Twelve:
Oh! Crazy Elf! Today we found him hanging upside down on the gymnastics bar.

Day Thirteen:
We walked into the kitchen to find beautiful snow
decorations that Jangle made!
(notice Jangle hiding in the chandelier)
Day Fourteen:
We walked into Jangle performing for the judges on The Voice!
He had TWO chairs turn around. Of course one was Santa!
He's always a fan!


Day Fifteen:
Emerson woke up and could not find Jangle anywhere! We thought he may had not come back from the North Pole. When we got in the car--there he was! Wrapped up in a blanket sitting beside her DVD player. He also brought her a Christmas movie to watch on the way to school!

What will he come up with next?!


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