Friday, February 3, 2012

"Humorous" Books & Consignment Sales

I've started reading the book "Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay."

It's one of those funny books about a new mom's experience. Very honest and very opinionated.


So far, I've only stayed awake to read a few chapters. One of them was about not bonding with your baby until later on, like when they're walking and talking.
That kinda freaked me out. Now, this mom was not the natural "nurturing" type by no means, and she'll tell you that. More concerned about going out, drinking, etc, etc than about having babies. I'm sorry but as of right now, if I didn't "bond" with my baby from the get-go, I'm sure not going to admit that. I don't know, any mamas out there that have experienced this? I just never thought about that not happening. Maybe I'm the crazy one. I would love some feedback on this...

Next chapter, breastfeeding.
Not her favorite thing to do obviously. Apparently, it hurts to the point where you'd just want to die. Yes, I kinda figured that it would hurt at first. But the whole time? 50 times a day for 9 months?? Is this true? Just wondering, as a first time mama. Not that I am trying to figure out whether or not to breastfeed. Personally, there is no choice for me. I will be doing it. God gave 'em to me, and I'm going to use them the way the good Lord intended. Period. End of discussion.

But again, that is my own personal belief. No judgement from me AT ALL if you decide not to.

Tomorrow, I'll be 28 weeks along!
HELLURRRR THIRD TRIMESTER! I CANNOT believe you are already here. Wow.
She's about the size of a Rutabaga.
"Putting on layers of fat, your baby now weighs in around
1.5 to 2.5 pounds and measures about 13.6 to 14.8 inches."

  • She's starting to develop more fat, so her wrinkly skin will start to get smoother.
  • Her lungs are mature enough that she'd probably survive if she was born now. Wow!

And it's February! I tell ya, it's really flying by now. Emerson will be here before we know it. Very very exciting, but anxious, scary, nervous at the same time.

Right now, I'm on the lookout for gorgeous, perfectly priced crib bedding. Tonight, I'm going to the Mud Pies Semi-Annual Consignment Sale at Main Street United Methodist Church.
Mama and Daddy went to the Switcheroo's GIGANTIC Consignment Sale this morning in Greenville. Found no bedding:(
After tonight's sale, I've got one more to go to, the Cambridge Consignment Sale. I pray that I find something at one of these for her. I really can't spend a lot of money on bedding that Emerson just doesn't care much about. Just me:)

Mama did find a Christening dress at Switcheroo's for FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!!!!!!! And it's beautiful! These things start out at like $100!! So I am sooo excited!
How pretty! It also comes with a sweet little bonnet:)

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