Friday, March 9, 2012

The Best Sight I've Ever Seen

I had waited what seemed like forever for last night.
The week crept by very slowly, but yes, it finally came.

Danny and I, our parents and my brother went to Greenville to see Emerson!
I was so very nervous and anxious.
We. saw. what. she. looks. like....

It was like looking through a hole into her world.
I hated for the session to be over, but after 20 or so minutes, it was.

We went to Baby Impressions in Greenville, SC and did their 3D/4D ultrasound.
After the session, she gave us a DVD of the session, several photos, and a disc of photos that we can print. My mother and father in law bought us a sweet bear. When we pressed the heart of the bear, we heard Emerson's actual heartbeat. The ultrasound tech had recorded it and placed it in the bear. What a wonderful sound! Danny chose a pink bear vs. a tan and brown bear. She's soft and sweet:)

We had a great experience during the ultrasound!
She slept the whole time, but of course she was as sweet as she can be!

Who does she look like?
         Her Daddy. Period. She has the most sweet, plump lips, the cutest wide nose you've ever seen,   
         and chunky little cheeks to die for! It's a good thing I have a good looking husband! And
         he.....well he could NOT be any happier about the outcome!

What was she doing?
         Obviously her comfort blanket is her wrist. She held her arm up near her face the entire time,
         sucking/touching her wrist to her mouth. This is how she slept, and seemed to be very content.

Anything interesting happen during the ultrasound?
         Well, she was sleeping and was happy. We wanted her to wake up and do something since we
         were watching. Well, she did something alright! We woke her up, she moved her arm away
         from her face, and she slowly stuck her sweet little middle finger up. Wow.
         Mama said, "She didn't mean to!" lol

My personal favorite part:
         During the session, she yawned! It was the sweetest thing ever!! She smiled:)
         One time, she even looked like she was talking. She was moving her mouth just like she was
         trying to have a conversation with us.
         Seeing our little girl, what she looks like, her traits & habits. IS IT APRIL YET??

If you are expecting, start saving, because IT IS WORTH IT!!!
I want to go back today and tomorrow and the next day to do it all over again.

Only a handful of weeks left. I cannot wait until April. I pray March FLIES by!

But until then, I have FOUR showers go attend! I am SO SO SO excited!
The first one is tomorrow at Jamey Thomas's house, hosted by Jamey Thomas and Abby Funderburk.
The theme is, get this....I Love Milk, Milkaholic.

More updates and pictures will be posted tomorrow!

7 Weeks 2 Days

18 Weeks 3 Days

 24 Weeks

 32 Weeks 5 Days

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