Monday, March 12, 2012


This video is a great beginning to this post!

The theme to my first baby shower!
How cute! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this!

Last Saturday, two very dear friends hosted the most fabulous baby shower EVER!
Abby Funderburk & Jamey Thomas.
It was held at Jamey's (perfect) little home on Janeway in Greenwood.

I knew every single detail would be completely perfect.
I was right.
They dotted every i and crossed all their t's, that's for sure.

This shower is what I envision for each event I do, yet somehow, never turns out this perfect.

You just see for yourself...

The mantle in the living room...
 ...complete with 5 of these awesome appliqued onesie's...

 ...a chalkboard centerpiece...

 ...books from the hostesses...

Next, the dining room table...

 ...filled with amazing desserts...

 ...I mean, are you kidding me!?...

Then came the drinks...
 ...we're Southerners, Sweet Tea and Lemonade are a MUST...
...look at these adorable milk filled glasses with the little cookie on each straw!
They also had chocolate milk, hmmm my FAV!

Then came the coffee table in the living room...

...a sweet book about COOKIES that each shower guest signed...

...note cards that each guest wrote a note to Emerson and/or her parents
on that cannot be opened until she is born...

...and a centerpiece of the most adorable face you've ever seen!

Walking in, guests were greeted by this sight...

 ...this door piece was made from the cereal, Cookie Crisps!

When guests left, they were encouraged to take home the coolest favor...
...a mason jar filled with mini Cookie Crisps covered with cow fabric,
with a spoon and label reading "I Love Milk" attached...


AH MAZ ing.

Here's a few of the things Emerson received...just a few!

 a shopping cart/ high chair cover

 CUTE outfit with an "E" on the shirt

pink and white damask print 2 piece outfit--to DIE for!
elephant ears to support her head and neck when riding in the car

Isn't this the sweetest bunny you've ever seen!
Perfect with her monogram :)

What a shower!
I am so thankful for the best friends in the entire world,
the ones that threw the shower, the ones that came, and everyone in between!
I am so blessed!

One hostess and I, Jamey Thomas

Another hostess and I, Abby Funderburk
(didn't get a picture with her at the shower)

da BABY!


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