Thursday, November 17, 2011

Consistant Dreams and Diamond Rings

So I had my FORTH dream last night that we were having a little boy! Four!! That's gotta mean something! Each dream gets better and better. The little boy is a little older each time, but still a baby, and cuter everytime too! So I woke up, and Danny came in from work this morning and told him about it. Then he went to sleep and dreamed of a boy too! haha

He called me at work and said, "We're having a boy, no need to do an ultrasound!" When we do have the ultrasound, I probably won't believe it if it is a girl! I'm now so certain that we'll be seeing blue.  No doubt.

In other news......the diamond rings I'm referring to......

YAY!!!!!!! So exciting!!

She was doing an ad for me for the Options Magazine and I asked her to email it to me, she did, I opened it, and to my surprise, found this....

I was like, "IS THIS A JOKE?!"

Oh no, no joke, YAY!!!!
Go Pudge!!

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