Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks, Angels and Babies

7 days, 4 hours, and 0 minutes until we see PINK or BLUE!
Oh man, we are pumped!
Last blog post, I saw Danny reading it on the couch.....and I knew it was coming....
You see, I haven't exactly told him the details of how he and I were going to find out the gender!
I figured he wouldn't want to wait another minute, much less til the end of the day! So I simply left that tiny part out. So when he was reading last blog, I knew I was in trouble! lol

But this is important to me, so maybe he will agree:) (Danny, are you reading this??)
Oh, and if you are reading this....remember, tomorrow is the last day to order this necklace for it to come in for Christmas! Go to Blossom for it! Love ya!

This week is a big, busy and fun week! Thursday is Thanksgiving.
(we'll be celebrating 3X that day!)

This one is going to be really difficult. Back in April, God brought 2 very special angels home to him.....which is great for Heaven, but not so much for us down here on Earth.
One, my wonderful, ONE-OF-A-KIND, perfect Dandy. He means the absolute world to me and I miss him so much! I had a heck of a time with him throughout my whole life! He kept me when I was 6 weeks old until....well, he never really stopped! I sure do wish he was still here so I could go see him whenever I wanted to. But I know he's here with me and the rest of the family all the time and watching out for us!
I love you Dandy so so much!!!
 This was on Dandy's 80th birthday. The family all met at California Dreaming in Greenville.

 This was us during Christmas time in 2008.

This is us at mine and Danny's wedding rehearsal (Luau style) in June 2010! Isn't he handsome!

The other angel that Heaven has gained this year is my cousin, Jeff Tilley. God came for him just 2 weeks after Dandy. I tell ya, when it rains, IT POURS!  He reminds me so much of my little brother, Jackson, tall and slender. Mominy says that Thanksgiving is Jeff's favorite holiday! (Probably because of Mominy and Dandy's awesome food and fellowship!) I actually had a dream about Jeff about a month or two ago. It was my wedding day and I was in my white dress. We were getting married at the Citadel and when I walked up, there was a big crowd mingling. The only people I knew was one side of my mom's family (Jeff, his sister and her husband, and all of their kids). I saw Jeff and had to take a double look. I knew something was wrong, I couldn't understand why he was there. Obviously, in the dream, he hadn't been taken from us yet. It was all very strange. We miss and love you very much Jeff! I know you and Dandy are really enjoying each other up there!
This was (most) of the family last year at Christmas 2010. Who would have known this was our last Christmas was both of them? Jeff is the tall one to the far left.

But thankfully, there IS a Heaven! And thankfully we DO believe! So that gives us a little hope and peace knowing where they are and that we WILL see them again one day soon!

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