Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's a WHAT???!!!!!!

Well, last night was the BIG night!

Yesterday morning, Danny and I went to the doctor to have our 18th week ultrasound. BUT, before I go there, I will say....Danny's tire went flat just as we were headed out of Ninety Six on the way to the doctor's. THEN, I got behind a COP the whole way there so I couldn't speed!                             
I felt like something was telling us not to go! Ahh!!
But, we did get there and it was so much fun! We loved seeing the baby move (it's) little hands and arms. Baby G was really squirmy and a bit stubborn! I believe that came from BOTH sides of the family! Joan, the ultrasound tech, gave us a DVD of the baby moving, so that's neat.
Here's one of my favorite pictures from that morning....
The picture on here doesn't show it as well, but in person is much better. She knew that we didn't want to know the gender until that night, so we had to close our eyes each time she looked down near the legs. What a CUTE profile!!!!!!!!!

We left the doctor's office so anxious to know if it was a girl or a boy! But Danny went and ran some errands and I went to my parents to help set up and get ready for the party to try and keep our minds off of it. The evening finally came and we were so excited to find out! I know you're anxious to see pictures, so here are a few of the details from the Gender Reveal Party...

When guests came in the door, they had to put a tally mark on the side they thought it was.

 Guests were encouraged to use the clues on the board to guess what our girl and boy name was.

"Boy or Girl?"

Team Pink & Team Blue's signs.

Pink Lemonade and Blue Punch for your choice.

Aren't these AMAZING!! My mother-in-law made these and
I just can't get over them! She had girl and boy cake pops!

This one she said is how he or she will look like when it come out!!

This was a table of my cravings......basically one word will do......salt:)

Everyone was asked to fill out the sheet for "Wishes for Baby G."
Baby G's big brother, Wells, had the BEST one!
He is just one sweet, kind-hearted child.

So this is how we did the BIG reveal.......!
We brought in one pink and one blue balloon into the ultrasound. Joan (ultrasound tech) poked a few needle size holes into the balloon that the baby was NOT. At the party, we chose the grandfathers to blow up each balloon at the same time. One balloon would blow up, the other would deflate, since it had holes in it. The one balloon that stayed blown up was the GENDER! Confused?? Here's pictures...

 omg, it's a girl.
 OMG IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!
 Wow........a GIRL!!!! NEVER would have though that!!!!!!!

A GIRL! I'm sorry, but I am still in shock. I was 110% sure it was going to be a boy!
I have had 4 dreams that it was a boy, every myth said it was a boy, and my gut feeling was a boy.
We are so very excited, shocked and EXCITED!!

Her name?
Emerson Adele Gunter.
It is finally real now. I said her name today and it seemed very real.

Now, if anyone hears of any job openings, I'll take FOUR MORE jobs please so I can afford Emerson, because I am a SUCKER for a cute little girl outfit!


  1. Congrats Kendall! That is so exciting and I love all of the pictures from your reveal. What cute ideas :).

  2. How exciting Kendall! I love the name Emerson!!!