Monday, November 28, 2011

A Long Weekend...full of Domination!

Well it's Monday, I'm so tired I can barely hold my eyes open. I got NO sleep last night. Danny's sick- I think he has what I had a couple of weeks ago. Round about this time of year, I wish I was still in college so I can have a good month or so off! Not gonna happen ever again though. Ugh.

This past weekend was pretty busy. We packed a lot in, in just 4 days!

We went to two dinners, got stuffed, then went to Walmart, like IDIOTS, just in time for the crazies. We had one thing in our buggy worth $6.00, so we left the buggy in the clothes area and went home, was in bed by 11pm!

Friday-Black Friday.
I hate this day. But Holly and I headed to Greenville to go shopping anyway. We decided not to leave at 2am, and instead left about 8am. We were STILL exhausted by 3pm! I went home, took a nap and headed to J. W. Babb Stadium to watch the Eagles play their last home game! And boy was it an intense game! Final was 36-21 against Ashley Ridge (from Summerville). So you know what that means?! WE'RE GOING TO THE STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyy!!! We'll take on Goosecreek this coming Saturday at Clemson at noon!

Saturday-Clemson CAROLINA Palmetto Bowl.
Okay I literally haven't watched 2 minutes of a game this year! I have been swamped every Saturday with work, baseball, or something! So even though I'm a Gamecock fan, I wasn't really into it Saturday night. We went to a friend's house, cooked a pig, and watched the big game. I went into it thinking the Tigers were going to win. Cause no one can forget "SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR!!!!!!!" Shut up already. The entire game, the week before, and so on, all you hear out of Clemson fans, "Well who will y'all be watching next Saturday, huh?" Really? Play in the SEC for once, you won't see a championship game. Anyway, we win. Moving on......

Sunday-Church, leftovers, Christmas decorating.
Well, we missed church like a bunch of heathens. Plans were screwed up so only I hate leftovers at Mominy's (they sure were good, again). But I DID manage to decorate the house for Christmas. Not the tree, just the rest of the house. It's so homey:) Then Danny got sick. Poor thing. It hit him all of a sudden too. So he's laid up in the bed for the night and all day Monday. 

And now it's Monday morning. Ugh. It had to come sooner or later.

I AM looking forward to tomorrow though. We FINALLY go for our ultrasound! I feel like it's been forever since the last one. She'll hide the results and we'll know BOY or GIRL tomorrow night!

Saturday, I hit 18 weeks, so Baby G is about the size of...
...a sweet potato.
And I forgot to post 17 weeks, so here's Baby G's size last week... onion.
Here's some highlights from Friday's game!

STATE Bound! GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!

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