Tuesday, January 10, 2012

24 weeks & counting

Last Wednesday, Danny and I went for another ultrasound to get a better view of her brain and heart. Everything looked great and we are so pleased!

Like I've mentioned before, one of my favorite things to do these days and the thing I look forward to most (besides heating pads and sleep)...are ultrasounds:) We were so excited to see how big she had gotten and how active she was (again)! Her hands were moving all around her face, just like the time before. She was completely curled up with her legs and feet near her head! The ultrasound tech said she was very comfy and snug! She tried to get a good shot of her profile for us, but her was bein' stubborn:) And I'm sure all the grandparents would agree, that's perfectly okay:) lol

Here's the shot that she was able to get...

So in the past few weeks, I have had some nausea. Apparently, it is heartburn and acid reflux???
I have never had this before, so I didn't know what it was like. WELL I DO NOW! Ugh. It never happens until I lay down to go to sleep. Then, all of a sudden it hits me, I need to puke. So I usually sit up in the bed, breath, eat Tums, drink a little water, and pray. No seriously. Because at that point, all I want to do is go to sleep! So I pray that it will go away and God will put me to sleep.

Two nights ago was really weird. Danny has had a horrible time with his wisdom teeth coming in and has taken some pain medicine to help. Well, he took some two nights ago (after staying in bed all day with pain). That night, I woke up at 3am to nausea. But I was so confused for some reason. I just felt lost. That morning, my alarm clock went off and I looked at the clock like.....what? What time do I normally get up? Is this right?
Lost, again, so very lost.
Still don't know what that's all about.

Someone mentioned to me the other day about crib bedding. Oops.
I probably need to get on that! So, I start researching.
Found nothing at a descent price point. Nothing.
But I did find this....

It's from Rosenberry Rooms.....aka.......Rich Mama's options.
I love the colors, light turquoise and light pink. I think it's sweet and a little different. Not necessarily the damask print. I like Chevron, etc. The crib we already have is white, so the colors would go great with that.
I can definitely make this! Well, probably.
If anyone has any ideas on how to do this look, cheaper, fill free to email me:)

I'm going to start posting the following questions once a week. I stole it from a fellow preggo blogger. (I hope you don't mind!)
How far along?   24 weeks & 3 days 
Maternity clothes?   Yes, all shirts and undershirts. I cannot even get away with a regular shirt with a high waisted band. Just doesn't fit right. A few pairs of pants, still wearing my regular pants, they just automatically roll down under my belly! lol
Symptoms?   Heartburn, acid reflux, BACK PAIN
Stretch marks?   Yes, very light on my lower stomach and around belly button. I need some good advice on what stretch mark cream to buy from folks that have used it and it worked.
Sleep?   Still good, but not as best as it has been in the past.
Best moment this week?   (last week) Being able to see her move around in the ultrasound
Movement?   Movement everyday:)  No kicking or movement felt outside the belly yet, just inside.
Cravings?   French fries with salt. Pizza. Water.
Gender?   She's still a girl:) Emerson Adele Gunter
Labor Signs?   None that I am aware of....BETTER be none!
Belly button In or Out?   Innie
What I miss?   Heels, oh, did I mention that MY FEET HAVE GROWN!!?? Because, they have. Really??!!
What I'm looking forward to?   Danny to feel her move.
Weekly wisdom?   Take Tums, drink milk and find out if I can have Maalox for the heartburn & acid reflux
Milestones?   Apparently, according to all strangers EVERYWHERE....I look very pregnant. Oh cool, because I still have 3 1/2 months!

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  1. Love the light pink and turquoise! It will be here before you know it!

    I tagged you in a fun blog game in today's post. Check it out for instructions :).