Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It really DOES feel like a Rollercoaster!

Some people describe it as a feeling of a butterfly.
Some talk about it feeling like a tickle.
Others describe it feeling like you're going down a hill or a roller coaster.

The roller coaster feeling definitely came to me the other night as Danny and I were riding in the car on the way to a friend's engagement party. At first, it felt like something was wrong with my bladder! It was the strangest feeling. Yes, I've had to go to the potty way more often these days, but this feeling was just...different. Then it dawned on me....IT'S EMERSON MOVING!!

o.m.g. She moved. For the first time, she moved. And I felt her:) From that point on, it was such an exciting feeling! Since then, she has been moving often. Danny wants her to kick him so bad he can hardly stand it! lol I'm sure that will happen soon. I was getting a little discouraged in the past few weeks since I haven't felt her yet. "People" say you should start feeling the baby between 18 and 22 weeks. So I was waiting and waiting. Some say you won't feel much at all while others feel their baby all the time.

We go for an ultrasound this evening, so we get to see her move! I'm so excited!! Whoever LOVED going to the doctor so much?? Preggos! I've been waiting and counting down days until the next ultrasounds. lol

Funny story...
For the past few days, my car has been acting funny. I thought it was my battery. It didn't crank a day or two ago when I was at a friend's house. I called Danny and when he got there...low and behold, it worked! So since then, I have literally gotten in my car, sat there, and prayed that it would crank up. All prayers were answered, until last night. Some of you may have seen the Facebook post "Stranded at the mall with a dead battery AGAIN! It's COLD!" Called my husband, no answer. Called my Mama, she sent my little brother to rescue me. About that time, I saw a red Ford Explorer SportTrac near me and started pulling out of the mall parking lot. I called Danny and said, "Umm, is that you pulling out of the mall?" Well of course it was so I told him the deal and he came back:) His parents had to come and bring us jumper cables....I'm sitting in the car, STARVING, so I started eating Tums because that's the only thing I had in the car at the time. These days, when I'm hungry, I'm starving. And when I'm starving, I start feeling sick. And when I feel sick, I feel the need to puke. So Tums for a snack worked out pretty good! lol Apparently it's not the battery, it's the starter or alternator. Perfect.

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