Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baseball Baby

25 weeks today.

For some reason, I feel like 25 weeks is a bit of a milestone. Or a slap in the face. lol

The acid reflux is still lingering around, but I now have chocolate milk in the fridge and Tums on my bedside table. So that is helping.
Back pain is so so bad. I have noticed that it is worse towards the right side. It has literally brought me to my knees a time or two before. I have a heating pad on every night when I go to bed and have started bringing one to work too. It feels good at the time, but still no help. Danny gave me a gift certificate for a Maternity Massage at a local spa. Fed up. I have called and set up an appointment 3 times. All have been cancelled due to her "bad shoulder." Really? Can ya not refer me to someone else, lady??!! #backpain #preggoproblems #illasahornet

Last night, the family went to see the Chipmunk movie and it was too cute! Very funny! After, we went to O'Charley's for dinner. I had the Bruschetta Chicken, thinking the description sounded a bit like what I had at The Village Grill the other night.
Ugh. No.
It was nothing like that! The chicken tasted "not done." It had cold bruschetta on it, topped with tomatoes. It was just a funky dish that Emerson was having NO part of! So I stuck with the potato soup, fries and bread. Oh, did I fail to mention the brownie dessert that came with it? Cause it was awesome!  

Wanna see what my favorite mail lady brought to me today??
How cute!!
It goes great with her new Baby Legs to match...


the perfect bow to match, with a number 8, instead of 15 (Wells's baseball number).
She is already excited to cheer on her big brother!

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