Monday, September 5, 2011

Blogging About Melons

Finally sucked in. Yes, I'm here, "blogging." What's the point of this anyway? Does it allow you to "write" down your thoughts and feelings from day-to-day or week-to-week like a online diary? I never had a diary as a child. I think I was too busy playing to sit and write. I did like to read others' though. Yes, you know you liked to do that too! We have always been stalkers. Now we classify them..."Facebook Stalkers," and now apparently "Blog Stalkers." Forget online diary, we read blogs to stalk people. They (people) are interesting. We are always wondering what someone else is doing and thinking! Don't lie, YOU do it too! I guess when you decide you want to write a blog, you think you are JUST as interesting! And we are! So here's mine....I think I'm going to talk about my awesome job (no, I'm serious), my great family that I could not do without, things I go through from day-to-day and....Hmmm, oh yes, the beginning of my Melon! "My what????" You heard right, my MELON! We are expecting!! Baby Gunter is due to make his or her arrival in late April 2012!! We are so excited!! (nervous, anxious, impatient, joyful, thankful, scared, & BROKE) But who isn't? We'll get through it. For now, YAY!!

Next post: How We Told Everyone! Stay tuned. 

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