Saturday, September 24, 2011

Don't TOUCH Me!

This past week I have been swamped with things for the Chamber, so I apologize for not getting in an earlier post. And honestly, I haven't had a whole lot to talk about.
                                               Pregnancy...the same. Still totally exhausted.
                                         Hunger.....most definitely, then I get full very quickly.
                                I still haven't been sick, so I guess it's not coming. (Thank you!)

So this past week, I've had this funny feeling. In the past, I have been completely neutral, but lately this little feeling has come along. I'm feeling that Baby Gunter is going to be a BOY. Don't get your hopes up, there is NO evidence of this! So don't go telling folks around town that Kendall's having a boy! Because I don't know. Danny seems to think so too. Of course we will be so happy with whatever the good Lord decides to bless us with!

I went to an event the other day in Greenwood, and of course you see everybody and their grandma anywhere you go in town. People were congratulating me and asking how I was feeling, etc. etc. And happened.
Someone touched and rubbed my stomach. Oh my gosh, I was like "Just because there's a baby in there does NOT mean you can touch me!!" I didn't think I would react that way, but it totally freaked me out! I don't go around rubbing your tummy just because there's a cheeseburger or a pizza in there! Think about it next time! (And no, I didn't say that to that person out loud, I was just thinking it.)

I've spent my Saturday in Abbeville (working). There's so much going on here today. We've had our Real Estate Sip N See to try and get potential buyers to get into the vacant buildings and bring Abbeville some more business! There's been music on the square all day, an art exhibit and concert next door at Homemade Genius.
We've got it goin' on!! 

But as you might have guessed, I'm ready to go home and take a nap! Probably won't happen. We are going to the in-laws to cookout and watch FOOTBALL!


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