Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spilling the Beans

So on Wednesday, August 31, all three, yes THREE, home pregnancy tests were positive. Holy moly. "What now?!"
 Number 1:    Confirm pregnancy by doctor
Number 2:    Spill the beans!

We had a ton of different ideas on how to surprise our parents. First of all, it had to be a SURPRISE because I am all about a good surprise. Second of all, it was agreed that they all had to be together, tell them at one time, to be fair.
This will be my parents' first spoiled rotten little one aka grandchild and this will be Danny's parents' fifth grandchild. No matter how many or less, it's all very exciting for them!

So, our first thought was GO BIG OR GO HOME, let's announce it at the Greenwood vs. Dorman game on the new replay screen! My brother is the star quarterback for the Eagles and we are all big fans!!

Go Eagles!
Needless to say, Danny was having no part of that, since that game was a whole week and a day away. He absolutely could not wait that long. (this is going to be a long pregnancy, bless him)

Plan B:   We were going to lie to get our parents to a local restaurant to eat dinner with us that Thursday night. I called my parents and said, "Pat and Steve want all of us to go to The Ranch tonight," while Danny called his parents and said, "Cindy and Randy want to invite all of us to go out to eat tonight." Danny's parents agreed, my mom had already made plans......figured! Really mom?! We were going to get 5 t-shirts made, and let the waiter hand them out to our parents. Excuse: "These are Ranch promo shirts."
T-shirt #1: "Don't"
T-shirt #2: "Drink"
T-shirt #3: "The"
T-shirt #4: "Water"
T-shirt #5: "Because Kendall did!!"
But since that didn't work out either, on to Plan C.

Plan C: (which by the way took ALL day Thursday and ALL of our brain activity!)   Somehow get our parents together and take a group picture. (Okay, this finally worked.) Danny took the picture and said, "On the count of three, everyone say KENDALL'S PREGNANT!!"
This was the result...

The picture is blurry because Danny was nervously shaking! Bless him. But the faces are priceless.
So on this day, Baby Gunter was the size appleseed! That is so hard to imagine.

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  1. Such a cute story :) I just got into blogging about 2 months ago and LOVE it! Come be a follower :)