Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Shopping Spree

This morning, Mama and I hit up the Cambridge Consignment Sale!! Whoo hoo!! The building was filled with tons of children's clothing, shoes, baby items, children's toys and MATERNITY! Luckily, we found the maternity room before anyone else. We ran our fingers through every piece, and found, well about $200 worth of clothes! Lots of super cute tops, a few dresses and come pants!

We also found HOOTER HIDERS!! These usually run about $35.00
but we bought 2 at $12.00 a piece. SCORE!
 Aren't they cute?! I thought so too:)

a Peanut Shell & a Hotsling! 
They were like $8.00, originally $39.00!

Ok, one more thing. I eye it everytime I go into The Alcove's in the Flights of Fancy booth...
Yea, how cute is that?! It's for Baby's neck when they are in the car seat! Precious!
Maison Chic Neck Pillow
5 bucks! Originally like $20 I think.

So we were pretty successful. Too bad we don't know the gender yet, they had some
GREAT deals on girls and boys clothes. There will be another this spring!

Another awesome thing that happened today...Petunia Pickle Bottom, a love in my life,
appeared on today:) :) :)
A few Cake items, but small clutches, not the diaper bag. Never heard of Petunia Pickle Bottom (PPB)? Well, you have really been missing out on the HOT things in life! I have dreamed of owning my own PPB for years now. It's not just a diaper bag, it's HEAVEN. See what you think...

Is this not the most gorgeous bag you have ever laid eyes on?
It's #1 on my Push Present Wish List. Sad part is, it's $335.00.
So maybe I should just look at it on my computer.

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